The Badgeman

The Badgeman,  psychedelic hardcore from the west country, for further info see their myspace page here.

All tracks recorded at 16 bit, transfered to 320kbps MP3, from vinyl except 'Ritual Landscape' which is the CD version.


charrr said...

Cheers Andy!
I love the badgeman!

satphil13 said...

Thanks a million. I've been a fan every since I bought(yes paid cash!)Ritual Landscape when it first came out. Think it was because of a good review in the Ptolemaic terrascope. For me it always conjures up the typical Wiltshire landscape of rolling downs, ancient monuments, and that mystical feel when the mist comes down. Great stuff.
Thanks again

Eduardo Martins said...

GREAT , GREAT , thx a lot ! Hailing from Brazil.